In 2024, TUO TUO hosts residencies for the fields of sound art and design, electronic music production, composition, sonic research, and performance.

Our goal is to work with emerging artists and groups by offering unique residency opportunities, experiences and exchanges in a rural context.

By designating the whole house during sound residencies we are able to host working groups of up to 5 people; artists are free to make music around the clock, create durational stretches, establish their own working routines, or embrace spontaneity. The versatility of TUO TUO’s studio space offers 114m2 to a variety of needs and ideas.

TUO TUO’s music and sound facilities offer powerful and detailed sound; recording, mixing and listening capabilities; outboard sound sculpting tools and instruments are also available for artists to use. Sound and music residencies at TUO TUO are self-directed, however, your hosts Joni & Kaitlyn are here to offer on-site technical and peer support.

There is no set expectation in terms of output. We support experimentation, playfulness and process-based sonic explorations.

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> Facilities & Accessibility
> Safer Space
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Who should apply?

Contemporary music ensembles & groups, electronic music makers & producers, sound artists & designers, composers, etc.

> Deadline: October 30, 2023

2024 residency periods: 
February - March - May - June - July

Length of stay:
between 1 week & 1 month

How to apply:

  • send a free-form email to tuotuoarts@gmail.com

include the following in your email: 

- a brief note on why TUO TUO for your residency
- names / pronouns of artists in the group 
- point of contact (who from your group we will be communicating with primarily)
- where and how your group will travel to TUO TUO from
- length of stay (between 1 week & 1 month)
- desired residency time (please specify a season or month)
- brief description of intentions for your residency
- accessibility-related needs or other considerations 
- links to examples of previous work, social media handles, cv or whatever else you’d like to share with us 
- if your participation is pending funding/grant applications please let us know

Feel free to write in English or Finnish. The language you use does not need to be proofed, overly polished or formal.

> Fees

180/month  (80/wk)
- unstable work, have debt, stressed about meeting basic needs, cannot afford unplanned expenses or vacations

380/mo  (120/wk)
- able to meet basic needs, irregular income, have access to healthcare, some expandable income/ some savings, have access to solidarity networks/ community/ family, sometimes can afford vacation

720/mo  (200/wk)
- comfortably able to meet needs, have a stable home, reliable income, currently on a grant, have access to financial savings or generational wealth, able to take vacations

Fees are per person.

This is intended as a sliding-scale/ solidarity system based on your relative financial standing within the global economic context: higher fees help to compensate for the lower tiers. If you have a stable source of income/ access to wealth, please consider giving more so that we can continue offering invitations to those who don't.

We trust your discernment of your current financial situation – consider both current and anticipated. How easily could you earn more income compared to other people in your community, country, and the world; are you expecting an inheritance; are there people counting on your financial livelihood including dependents; what are the socio-economic conditions of your locale (relative to other places in your country and in the world); etc.

We also welcome custom rates that fall in between what's outlined above. If your situation changes, let’s talk and readjust.

We are a small artist-run non-profit. TUO TUO does not have operational funding. A significant portion of the operational costs are covered independently by our hosts. We are not a hotel or airbnb; it is not our aim to fill the space to capacity in order to generate income – the quality of the experience we’re able to provide to our artists depends on this approach. The quality of the experience is our priority. 

*inspired by the sliding-scales of em~bodycorporeal writing

Our emphasis on sound art and music reflects the pluralistic approach to ecological art that is fostered through TUO TUO’s mission, where different modes of cultural production work in collaboration and mutual engagement. Installing sound as a pillar of our programming distinguishes TUO TUO from other ecologically-focused institutions by reinforcing the virtue of immaterial forms of art-making.

Our goal is to nurture the growing contemporary electronic music scene in Finland by offering artists a peaceful and dedicated residency environment with access to on-site studio assistance, troubleshooting and peer support.

Thank you Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus) for generously supporting the music & sound facilities at TUO TUO.

And special thanks to our friend Brad for supporting us in this endeavor.