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Our main entrance is via a 120cm wide concrete ramp with secure hand rails on the right side; the entrance is 83cm wide.  

We have an accessible toilet located on the ground floor next to the main entrance.

The downstairs bathroom has a barrier-free shower. The downstairs bathroom/shower is designated to artists staying in the downstairs bedroom/ work space (Olotila). Olotila is located directly across from the main entrance.

The kitchen and other studio spaces are also located on the ground floor. We keep our floor space free of obstruction and have clear pathways for wheelchairs and strollers. 

Guide and service animals are welcome at TUO TUO.

TUO TUO operates in Finnish and English.


Sisäänkäynti on takakuistilla olevan 120cm leveän rampin kautta, sisäänkäynti on 83cm leveä.  Opas- ja avustajakoirat ovat tervetulleita. Alakerrassa on tilava WC yleisölle. Alakerran julkiset tilat ovat esteettömiä.  

Voit ottaa meihin yhteyttä suomeksi tai englanniksi. 



Rose –

Located on the second floor, Rrose includes a double bed, wardrobe and small fireplace. The window looks out over the grounds and forest. The shower-equipped bathroom is located on the same floor and is shared between residents.

Kammari  –

This cozy upstairs bedroom includes a wardrobe, bed, and a peaceful view of the grounds. The shower-equipped bathroom is located on the same floor and is shared between residents.

Olotila  –

The ground floor live/ work space is suitable for writers, researchers, performance artists, film/ video artists, land artists, etc. The kitchen-adjacent room is equipped with work and lounge lighting options; included are a double bed, desk space and chair, storage units, and a garden view. This room includes a private bathroom on the same floor.


Kitchen –
Modern and spacious, our kitchen is equipped with oven/ stovetop, coffee maker, cold storage, refrigerator and freezer, as well as a variety of tools and cookware. Guests are welcome to cook for themselves or the group. You'll also find a washing machine in the supply closet, just off of the kitchen entrance.

Sauna –
The wood-burning sauna is a few steps from the main house. There is a cozy adjacent room with a fireplace – ideal for unwinding between rounds. The sauna itself fits three and is equipped with a water pump connected to the well onsite. This is a nice place to hide out, nap, or meditate during the daytime/evening when the sauna is not in use.

Barn –
A versatile space with multiple rooms for working, hanging out, and exhibiting work in warmer months.

Indoor Studio (52m2) –
The space is equipped with multiple work benches, a desk, two fireplaces, a large chalkboard, an industrial sink, and three floor-to-ceiling windows.

Kellari (15m2) –
The three-corridor cellar is where teachers and students once stashed their fresh milk for lunch.

Woodshop (32m2) –
Originally where the principal housed the school cow, the outdoor workshop located in the old barn is available throughout the warmer months – an ideal space for sculpture, installation, woodwork, etc.

Exhibition Hall (62m2) –
Located in the main house, the exhibition hall is perfect for showcasing visual work, or rehearsing and presenting performance and movement-based projects; the space includes a room divider, track lighting, and four floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s also where TUO TUO’s loom is located; this is a nice space for lounge vibes, movie nights, karaoke, etc.  

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If you have questions about the facilities or accessibility concerns, please get in touch via email