︎︎︎ Safe(r) Space

TUO (Finnish, nominative, eng. ‘the Other’) TUO (Finnish, third-person verb, eng. “brings”). The name TUO TUO speaks of our commitment to praxis and the progressive, pluralistic values at the heart of our operations.
Our response to the growing emergencies facing our planet is not to turn away from culture, but to become all the more demanding of it. We see the keys to progress through participation, experience and openness. The environments we create for ourselves shape the kind of humans we might become.

TUO TUO’s Safe(r) Space policies are intended to help us foster a supportive, nonthreatening environment for all.

Safe(r) Space

By entering TUO TUO’s space or participating in our residency program, events and activities, you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Respect peoples’ opinions, beliefs, experiences and differing points of view.

  • Respect everyone’s identity and background, including pronouns and names. Do not assume anyone’s gender identity, sexual preference, survivor status, asylum status, language ability, economic status, background, health, etc.

  • Respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. Check in in before discussing topics that may be triggering (e.g. sexual abuse, suicide, physical violence or encounters with police), and use trigger warning during presentations and events.

  • Be responsible for your own actions; be aware that your actions have an effect on others, despite your intentions. Listen and change your behavior if someone tells you that you are making them uncomfortable.

  • Be aware of the positions and privileges you bring, including racial, class and gender privilege.

  • Foster a spirit of mutual respect. Listen to the wisdom everyone brings to the group.

  • If someone violates these agreements a discussion or mediation process can happen, depending on the wishes of the person who was violated. If a serious violation happens to the extent that someone feels unsafe, the person responsible for the violation can be asked to leave the space and/or speak with a person or process nominated by TUO TUO’s staff.


  • TUO TUO recognizes and values diversity. We are committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of ethnicity, gender identity or expression, ancestry, place of origin, color, citizenship, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation or expression, age, marital status, family status, health and ability. We strive to provide an environment that accommodates artists, activists and progressive thinkers from a multiplicity of backgrounds and circumstances.

  • Read more about our space and accessibility here.


  • Respect the physical, mental and emotional boundaries of others.

  • Ask for consent before engaging in any form of physical contact.

  • Avoid making assumptions about the identity and histories of others.

  • TUO TUO does not tolerate any behavior that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Violation of our policies may result in expulsion from the residency and termination of your stay.

Anti-racism & Anti-oppression

  • TUO TUO does not tolerate racism, prejudice or any form of discrimination. We will work towards confronting and eliminating discriminatory or racist incidents and behavior at the individual, organizational and community level.

  • We are committed to responding immediately to incidents of racism and work collaboratively to meet the needs of the person or group of people that have experienced racism by taking their lead.