︎︎︎ FAQS 


The Residency

When is the next open call / How can I apply?
After two years and two open calls, we’ve decided to move away from this model. We plan to organize several thematic residency experiences (2024–2025) to offer more dedicated, seasonally-informed programming, as well as opportunities for collaboration and collective experimentation. In the meantime, feel free to send us an email. We are still inviting artists to the residency who contact us directly – when timing and intentions harmonize.

Are applications open to international residents?
Yes. International residents are responsible for their own visa, insurance, travel, etc. Travel insurance is required as financial protection for the artist. Please note, we want to curb air travel associated with our program. We aim for 70% of all artists coming to TUO TUO to travel by slower means (avoiding flights) annually.

Yes. Residents are welcome to apply as a group. The house is set up for three guests (ideally), but we are open to making arrangements to accommodate groups up to five residents. Please specify if you are applying as a group in your application/ email. Families are also welcome to apply.

I’ve been a resident before – can I reapply?
Yes. No waiting period. :)

Can I apply for a shorter  / longer residency?
Email us.  :)

How does the review process work?
Residents are selected based on the correlative balance between their desired conditions, seasonal considerations, and TUO TUO's means and provisions.

Tell us what kind of an experience you’re looking for, what kind of support you need, and what conditions are most suitable for your practice. If we can provide what you need and the timing aligns: it’s a match. You do not need a project plan to apply. We actually prefer when artists come with loose plans, flexibility and openness. There are so many different artist residencies, so it helps if you can tell us a bit about why you are drawn to TUO TUO.

Upon confirmation?
First, we will schedule a brief phone call to get to know each other and talk more about mutual expectations for the residency. (This is not an interview.) We will ask you to read through the House Book which includes detailed information about the house, surroundings, travel, practical information, more about our philosophy and the atmosphere we are aiming to create. Then, we will send you a contract and an invoice. Your residency is confirmed when the contract is signed/ the deposit is paid.


Does the artist pay a fee?
Yes. Historically, the artist residency fee was 350 euros/mo.

In 2024 we introduced a sliding-scale model –
season i included the following tiers: 80/wk, 120/wk, & 200/wk 

season ii offered: 120/wk-200/wk fee options.

In 2025 the artist fee will increase to 500 euros/mo unless we are able to receive funding to offset the operational costs (which have increased significantly since 2019 when we initiated the programme).

We are currently working with the board to introduce a membership programme that would accommodate sliding-scale fees, keeping the residency accessible to community members.

We encourage artists to apply for grants to cover the cost of the residency or other costs such as travel and materials. We are very happy to provide a formal letter of invitation for your grant applications.

What does the fee include?
A fully-furnished private bedroom; access to workspace(s), the kitchen, library, laundry, wood-burning sauna, grounds, etc. as well as transportation during the residency period (trips to town for groceries and supplies, trips to the national park, etc.) The fee also includes peer support from co-founders and directors Kaitlyn & Joni.

Payment schedule?
A 100.00 euro security deposit is due upon signing your contract. The fee is due 2-3 months prior to the residency.

Do you take international payment?
If you don’t have a bank account with an IBAN number, then we would suggest using a transfer servic such as WISE – this will prevent your deposit from being withered down by wire fees upon its return/or in the event of a cancellation.

Unfortunately, we cannot use Paypal to return deposits. (Our bank is a small countryside branch and we are quite limited in this regard.)


Can I ship ahead art supplies?
Yes. There is a hardware store in Joutsa, as well as a number of ‘kirppis’ (second hand market) for recycled materials and other finds. There’s an art supply store 40 minutes away in Jyväskylä, if need be. Plan ahead, we can help!

Are materials provided?
Artists working with organic materials usually source most everything without needing to visit a store during their residency period. We have a small inventory of materials for use that have been left behind or donated. Some artists pack or ship materials ahead of time. Many artists who come to TUO TUO are working with the immaterial. If you need something specific, please ask in advance.

Any material restrictions?
Nothing toxic, flammable, or hazardous! Nothing you won’t be able to compost or recycle at the end of your stay. TUO TUO’s buildings are old and made entirely of wood. No disposing of anything toxic in the sinks. If you’re unsure about it, please ask ahead.

Yes. But be prepared for sporadic connection/ speed.

What is expected of me while I’m at the residency?
You don’t need to produce anything while in residence. Our program is self-directed and our style is responsive, so every month looks different. Artists can plan community activities, dinners, studio visits or presentations, exhibitions, etc.

We expect all artists to treat the space and one another with respect. We ask everyone to be mindful of how they contribute to the atmosphere during the resiency period. During a residency period, it is our job (Kaitlyn & Joni) to help balance individual needs with the needs of the community, we ask artists to be understanding in a similar way. We expect artists to read and observe the House Book & Safer Space guidelines. We expect artists to be able to communicate their needs and boundaries to the group. 

Is my studio sound-proof?
None of our studio spaces are sound-proof. Although we have made some adjustments to assist with containing sound, it’s important to have realistic expectations. This is a wooden house and sound travels. If you have specific needs in regard to sound please be explicit in your communications ahead of your residency period so we can plan accordingly. In general, the house is a quiet space, but we have accommodated many sound artists and love doing so.


Move-in date?
Kaitlyn & Joni will help coordinate your arrival/ group orientation. This varies a bit month to month.

Where will I live?
You’ll have a private room in one of our three bedrooms in the main house: Olotila, Rrose, or Kammari. Upstairs residents in Rrose and Kammari will share a bathroom. Olotila is a combination live/ work space with a private bathroom downstairs.

What languages are spoken at TUO TUO?
We operate primarily in English and Finnish. Joni is a native Finnish speaker. If you prefer to conduct planning and communications in Finnish, please specify in your email/ application! :)

Are meals provided?
No. Residents are responsible for their own meals, but we’ve been known to throw a dinner party or two. Please tell us about your dietary needs and preferences/allergies in advance.

**We are a meat-free kitchen**

Are there laundry facilities in the houses?
Yes, there’s one washing machine in the main house. We also provide detergent, cleaning materials, etc. which we make ourselves from non-toxic ingredients.

How many artists are in residence each month?
Typically we host three artists at a time (one per room). This number can increase if/when a couple is in residence.

What to bring for the house?
The kitchen is stocked with pots, pans, plates, cups, etc. All the standard kitchen stuff. We provide bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets), but bring your bath towel. We’ll keep the bathroom stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, etc.

Artsts often leave behind toiletrees like shampoo, toothpaste, etc. There are usually some food items in the kitchen commons available such as dried beans, legumes, rice, pasta, canned goods, spices, oils and vinegars, etc. 

What to bring in general?
Art supplies and tools, weather-appropriate clothing, proper footwear, towels, toiletries, medicine, etc.

We have a small first aid kit; there is also a pharmacy in Joutsa. We will send you a recommened packing list in advance of your arrival.

What not to bring?
Pets, hot plates, toxic materials. Again, ask if you’re unsure.

Waste Policies?
We aim to reduce our waste and footprint as a household wherever possible. All of our cleaning products are homemade/non-toxic, including laundry detergent. We sort waste accordingly: cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, glossy or colored paper. Often we save glass jars or bottles to be reused; sometimes we save cardboard for gardening. 

Biowaste and non-treated paper can go into the compost. We seriously try to limit mixed waste, but know this is not entirely avoidable. We appreciate your willingness to minimize waste!

Yes! Even in winter. :)

Life in Joutsa

What is it like?
TUO TUO is located 10km from the city center of Joutsa. Local attractions include the community library, Emmaliina’s holistic apothecary & spa, Kellari brewery, Leivonmäki National Park, and Haihatus cultural venue & artist residency. There is public access to nearby lakes, perfect for swimming, and so many forest spots, swamps, and other wild sites for exploring.

Getting around?
Joutsa has direct bus links (10km from TUO TUO) from Helsinki. We make 1-2 weekly grocery runs by car. There are also bicycles available for use during warmer months. And two pairs of skis availble to use in winter.

Getting here from the airport?
Take the airport train to the Helsinki Central Railway Station (20 minutes); walk to Kamppi (5 minutes); from there, you can take a bus directly to Joutsa (2.5hours). You should book your bus ticket well in advance.

Who’s running this place?
Kaitlyn and Joni manage all of TUO TUO’s operations together; they also live onsite full time in a separate apartment attached to the main house with their cat.

No. TUO TUO is home to one indoor/ outdoor cat called PJ who does not play well with others.  

If you are allergic to cats, please let us know! The cat does not spend time in the main house.

Can I visit before my residency?
Yes. Email to schedule a visit.