Resource Library

Granted Applications

Grant Application ︎︎︎
Arts Promotion Center Finland ∙ 15400 € ∙ TUO TUO Arts ry ∙ 2023
Special grants for cultural activities in sparsely populated rural areas

Grant Application ︎︎︎
Arts Promotion Center Finland ∙ 30000 € ∙ TUO TUO Arts ry ∙ 2022
Special grants for communities to reduce the effects of COVID-19

Project Proposal & Work Plan︎︎︎
Kone Foundation ∙ 78500 € ∙ TUO TUO Arts ry ∙ 2021
The development of TUO TUO’s cultural pollinators platform & ecologically-focused residency program

TUO TUO Arts ry Project Budget ︎︎︎
Special grants for communities to reduce the effects of COVID-19
TUO TUO Arts ry Project Budget ︎︎︎
The development of TUO TUO’s cultural pollinators platform & ecologically-focused residency program
TUO TUO Portfolio 2021 ︎︎︎
An artist-led project space & residency program concentrating on the ecological arts in Joutsa, Finland

Community Resources

Attunement (in) Practice: A Companion for Coexistence ︎︎︎
A publication-tool to accompany artists during their residency at TUO TUO; this is the public culmination of a year-long consultation funded by Taike (2023).
– created by
Feminist Culture House and TUO TUO

Where are you from? ︎︎︎
An online list of resources for navigating the nuanced and hefty topic of asking “where are you from?” within and beyond the context of artist residencies.
– created by
Feminist Culture House

Studio Visit Ethics ︎︎︎
The Studio Visit Ethics project gathers artists’ lived experiences to investigate and challenge how studio visits are normatively (and uncritically) conducted
– initiated/created by
 Feminist Culture House

Access Riders ︎︎︎
“An access rider is written by an individual, and can be shared when one is invited to take part in a project or any working relationship. It can work as a starting point for a conversation between the inviter and invitee about the accessibility of a certain situation.”
– initiated/created by Jessie BullivantJemina Lindholm; published by Frame Contemporary Art Finland

Here, Not. Dialogues ︎︎︎
Here, Not. Dialogues on art and the making of here is an edited collection of conversations, photographic work, and text, that investigate how cultural and artistic practices deal with belonging, identity and access in the urban spaces of Helsinki.
– Edited by Micol Curatolo. Design by Lù Chén.

Rave Intention Circle︎︎︎ 
“Raves can be beautiful, transformative, radical, community-building
practices. they can also be overwhelming, intensely emotional and challenging. rave intention circles have come to me through the lineages of harm reduction and sex-positive spaces.”
– created by em steinberg

MYÖS Safer Space guide for organisers ︎︎︎
Safer space represents the future we would like to see. It is a space that is critical of the power structures that affect our everyday lives. It’s a space that strives to respect and understand people's specific needs diversely.
– created by MYÖS

Communications Manual for Performing Arts Events ︎︎︎
Initiated by UrbanApa and written by Pragma Helsinki, this communications manual addresses both the basic communication needs as well as the more in-depth accessibility features that one might come across when organising art events.
– published by UrbanApa; authored by Essi Brunberg / Pragma Helsinki; working group: Sini Kaartinen, Lisa Kalkowski & Sonya Lindfors; layout by Mari Villanen

Ethical Guidelines ︎︎︎
UrbanApa is an anti-racist and intersectionally feminist art platform whose purpose is to create space for multivoiced feminist and communal art making.
– created by UrbanApa

AGAINST! An Intersectional Critique of the New Finnish Government Program ︎︎︎
Kiila is the oldest functioning nonaligned leftist writers’ and artists’ association in Finland. A combating artists’ association, Kiila acts against all kind of discrimination, marginalisation and oppression, emphasising the necessity of extra-parliamentary pressure, and of increased solidarity.
– created by Killa ry


Access Toolkit for Artworkers ︎︎︎
This toolkit contains practical information on how to plan, produce, and exhibit accessible art projects including information on access riders, financial planning, slow production, display, and creating an accessible workplace. This information is intended to address the access barriers faced by d/Deaf, neurodivergent, chronically ill and disabled artists, audiences and artworkers, and those who experience ableism. Author, Iaraith Ní Fheorais & Editor, Hannah Wallis

iNaturlist ︎︎︎ 
Identify the plants and animals around you. TUO TUO has been using the iNat app, which is free to use/ download, since 2022; you can access all of our recorded observations via our account @tuo1. 

Auroras & Space Weather – Finnish Meteorological Institute ︎︎︎

Space weather in Finland - RWC Finland ︎︎︎

Climate/ Forest Activisim Information Finland ︎︎︎
A working list of online resources pertaining to climate, forests, deforestation.

The Micropedia of Microaggressions ︎︎︎
The Micropedia aims to collect everyday microaggressions and highlight their harmful impact through source-based definitions and real-world examples.

Legal Matters

Artist Comission Agreement ︎︎︎
This agreement template was 100% inspired by the the Feminist Culture House x Vegan & Legal Feminist Agreement Making Workshop held in 2021.
Video Release Form ︎︎︎
A video release form allows a third (3rd) party to use the appearance (both in video format and still image) and voice of an individual for audio-visual projects and comissions to be shared/ published online.

We will contine to add to the library as we gather tools and resources. If you have questions or ideas about resources, please get in touch︎︎︎