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Is a growing list of resources that have informed our understanding of the complexities of the question “Where are you from?”. We invite you to explore these texts that offer a wide perspective on the topic. We welcome any suggestions to add to this list—please feel free to send them to tuotuoarts@gmail.com & info@feministculturehouse.org.

“Where are you from?”
Curated and Edited by Sabina McKenna
“Where are you from? was created to celebrate, educate and raise awareness about the BIPOC identity, through thought provoking art and storytelling.”

The Micropedia of Microaggressions - “Where are you really from?”  
The Micropedia aims to collect everyday microaggressions and highlight their harmful impact through source-based definitions and real-world examples.

“I feel my body is split in two and there’s a learning process between them”
Written by Yilin Ma
Astra Magazine 

Third Culture Kids

Mixed Finns

Performing a Lifetime
Written by Saara Mahbouba and illustrated by Gladys Camilo

This is an excerpt from the collaborative publication, Attunement (in) Practice: A Companion for Coexistence by Feminist Culture House (FCH) and TUO TUO.

Attunement (in) Practice: A Companion for Coexistence is the public culmination of a year-long consultation between FCH and TUO TUO; this work was funded by Taiteen edistämiskeskus (Taike) in 2023.

The publication was realized through aditional support from: