To locate and situate myself I added here a paragraph written at the airports of Helsinki and Berlin: waiting, yes, but also they are excellent showcases of structural intersectionally differentiated waitings.
I talk there with how I wait (for an outline of my social positioning) and how others wait - in a business lobby, in an economy line, in a detention centre which is about to be open at the Berlin airport. I will, obviously, follow the dynamic of social positioning in nuances throughout, but there has to be the first even if brief ‘hello’ from that field from me right in the beginning.


Structural waitings that are the furi-osities of this waiting text, furi-osities, a place of being furiously curious.

Curiosity here (with E. Steinbock) as a critical bodily labour for survival by a marginalised body, not a colonial affective mechanism of extraction.


The coloniality of power …

With muscles tensed, with breath swollen and suspended, with chest cracking,


this column waits: it stretches, clumps,  un- and enfolds,

with temporal in/coherency and persistent furi-osity


about unjust power dispersion, its sedimentation into structurally un/conquerable thresholds and tight loops of marginalisation. There is always waiting where there is power; especially, where power circulates in a structurally unjust way. 

This text is fueled by exhausting rage towards deathly vortex of power loops, toward dominant binary structures of the planetary existence:

body / mind,
/ culture, 
/ dirty, 
/ monstrous …

This text waits away from the dominant - synonymous to Western, from dominant Western synonymous to colonial. The coloniality of power, an introduction of “the basic and universal social classification of the population of the planet in terms of the idea of race, a replacing of relations of superiority and inferiority established through domination with naturalised understandings of inferiority and superiority” (Lugones 2007, 186),

The coloniality of power, an introduction of“the basic and universal social classification of the population of the planet, in terms of the idea of gender, “a binary, hierarchical, oppressive … formation that rests on male supremacy” (Lugones 2007, 186 - 187);

All - impossible to understand without capitalism, all - invented to capitalise;
impossible when these are unfelt words, unlived dailiness;

viscerally omnipresent when quotidianly lived through, by a structurally waiting body;
when lived by a waiting body in the heavy quotidian,

in “a shifting assembalge of practices and practical knowledges, a scene of both liveliness and exhaustion, a dream of escape” (Stewart 2007, 1).