I used to look up in the sky. Drew stars and wondered.

I wonder how we experience even these shared moments from time to time.

How after the moment passes, it remains alive, moulding into its entity within different beings.

Memories... so clear but fading.

So, with a stained pencil, we colour in the blanks.

Create the land we are standing on and paint the sky above.

I'm looking for new ways to express myself.

What words do I use, and do they express what I feel in my body, the countless web of thoughts that move in my mind?

Will it, and does it make sense?

And in what language or way do I lean to illustrate myself?

Päivä ennen saapumista,
sanoit että hiukset mulla kuin hahmoilla aikoinaan lehti kuvissa.
Missä kirjoissa?

Niin kovaa innostusta matkalla tänne koin, että meinasin pakahtua.
Millaiseksi olemukseni tulee muovautumaan, kauniissa asunnossa jonka
seinät ja huoneet kantavat sisällään tarinoita ja muistoja 



How much easier it is sometimes just to share a space – an experience.

Sense others' energies and seek the world together.

Journey the past, present and future next to each other for a moment at least.


Raakana, paljaana surun ja rakkauden keskellä.
Omia tuskia. Metsien katoa. Miten opin luottamaan.

Linnun laulu, metsän sävelet muistuttaa elosta. Anna tuulen tuuduttaa.
Hiljaisuus metsän äänten vaientaa. Haluaisin olla yhtä vapaa.
Seistä suorassa selittämättä. Pieneyttä pikkutarkkaa.

Kunnioitettiinko me joskus aikoinaan mäntyjä, metsoja?
Kettu sen kenties muistaa.

Ehkä hän osaisi kertoa ja näyttää miten elää?

I once dreamed about flying… ferries, and fireflies that lid up the sky.

Katse taivaalla, unelmoin elämästä tähtien joukossa.

At what point did the lights go off.

Missä vaiheessa sumu huntusi horisontin.

Quiet I want to be, I want it to be.


Silence broken by a breeze of the wind, by the cheer.

A moment when the heart sinks without dropping too deep. 



Naomi Holopainen's work examines reality's fundamental nature: the first principles of being, identity and change, space and time, cause and effect, necessity and possibility. Their work ties in with her passion for nature and interest in the power of storytelling. The recent emphasis has been on understanding what enables connections, how freedom manifests and how dreams and realities, worlds in between, blend.

Naomi is interested in how art can bring us closer to ourselves and one another. Thus, Naomi's work invites audiences to engage with the world around them in new and meaningful ways – rethinking bodily matters beyond a humanist imagination.

Together with her twin sister, they probe ways to engage people in reimagining society through Ataá Agency. They examine the various currents of toxicity – from global capitalism to colonialism, but also queerness, sexual differences, imagination, desire, and forgiveness.