more snow
more little dogs
                                           (last night i took a dose of the remedy)

sweet tiny pearls rush to the floor,
when they hit, a tiny crashing sound, but you don’t hear,
you pretend to sleep

                                           there are moments when i think i am deaf and in times like this u must be sure u r awake:

in fact,

i am fighting: to remember my dreams
i am fighting: to write poetry
i am fighting: to fight

where does it leave us now?
where the air feels like glue but nothing’s sticky; this disorientation

the name of your mother’s cat is pearl
you show me pictures on your phone
but i can’t hear your voice and so i pinch my arm, first, and then yours,


it is night snow's on fire
and yet you sleep
while dances in sock-feet wave through rave streams: big wheels of flame
push through dark's canal or was it
the gate
this whole time
you sleep and wait

there were ten or twelve messages goddammit
glove-handed, snow-script and stick-for-brains
every note punctuated the same
you are mad bc I can scream as loud as I want but you'll never
me or am I mad

meanwhile refuse to count turns night inside out on the otherside: control
it's not so bad
and being alone is easy with you
a grid of lights, I told you, it's more than you could have ever
open your eyes