> walk on the gravel road (turn left at the fork); gather small rocks that call out to be picked up as you go

> carry them, rattle them in your hands as if your hands were a cage, listen as your proclamation travels and echos

> just outside/before the breakature site, see a chip of granite that has come loose from a large stone, this chip looks like a plate

> place the rocks (5) onto their new plate

> deliver the rocks (5) to the site of breakature

> deliver the plate with two hands into one of the nooks; the one that calls out to you to be chosen

> take a mental photograph of the nook

> prepare to exit the breakature site

> pick up a some of the crushed white chunks of limestone that look like ice

> sprinkle the pieces into other nooks on your way out

> continue on past the abandoned house before turning back at the large road, as you pass by the breakature site for the second time, you see a hamburger-sized stone that has been split into two pieces: a good sign

> pick up the stone slices, bring them together with just enough force so that the sound echos around you as you walk back down the gravel road towards home, be careful of fingers

> as you walk you can sing: “I must nullify astrology I must nullify all prophecies I must create a different kind of World That is more suitable for me That I might visit this Planet, and feel at home.” or repeat “THE UNIVERSE IS IN MY VOICE, THE UNIVERSE SPEAKS THROUGH THIS SONG.”