Charmaine Bee (Charmaine): Dream Support Hotline +1 843 940 8285 a community of black diaspora dream symbols 🌀 a space for black people to voice their dreams

Agnese Krivade (she/her/mer): fake healer

Protocol of fake healing:

You tell me what aches. We talk. I probably remind you that you are fundamentally well. I have no idea how to help you but I will do the best that I can

Donation based. Service / work exchange possible. Fake payments accepted.

“I am not certified in anything but I have paid a lot for classes, sessions and life lessons.”

*The title is used with permission of Valentina Desideri & Keith Henessy who established the discipline

Julia E. Dyck / Spectral Center (she/they): self-hypnosis, group hypnosis & hypnotherapy

Lotta Petronella (she/her): moth & botanical tarot readings; chanting and bespoke flower essences

Karolien Polenus | NiXiE | energy8medicine (she/her): sound alchemy, group sound baths, sonic meditation,1:1 sound healing, 1:1 soul coaching

Chế Kim Nine (she/her): tarot, ancestral mediumship, psychic games & 1:1 intuitive mentorship

EM~BODY (she/they/em): sexological bodywork & somatic counseling

CARE (they/them/theirs): trauma-informed astrology, tarot, reiki, somatics, hypnosis, doula work & Transformative Justice work/Embodied conflict resolution 

Émilie Payeur (she/her): traditional & experimental herbalism, dream integration, tarot and messages from the unconscious, modern amulets

Òscar Moisés Díaz (they/them): Medieval Islamicate & Hellenistic astrology, dream interpretation, poetry workshops, and celestial studio visits

Lucie Schroeder (she/her): Holistic Dramaturgy, an integrative accompaniment of artistic processes

Lena Rubin (they/them): astrology, human design, and creative writing; guided by embodiment & intuition

Dorothy Zablah (she/her): reclaiming our soverignity in spiritual, creation and learning practices through ceremonial cacao, tarot, radical pedagogy & intuitive entrepreneurship 

KDH (they/her): introductory-level human design readings & timeline jump support

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