Riira Kalhor

A pop of space

a potent capsule, special chemistry
mood is a space inside of us, build in the chemistry
the red red absence of clear glass the reflection of the world contained in my glass of wine,
spacial expansion pop! infectious quality of high ceilings
i can create any space , they are tiny explosions , and somewhere between a moving space a
vessel , my legs can only take me so far
chemistry space witchcraft
a potential space
slippery roads of
snow-covered ,,
an idea expands its dimension pop
all my cells expanding
my aura change, it takes a lot of space next to yours ,,
a starfish , inky cloud of an octopus
what is holding me together>/
beautiful spaces being the outer shell of my body
like the green skin to the walnut
space a sphere a part of us missing
A heterotopia
what is not
door to a new dream, opens to speech , wind will whisper something , ceiling will collapse
the ecstatic part of solitude
inside of the blue women t word ,
three paintings that live in my dream , messy portraits of ,,,,,
company of snowfall, natures’s sleepy veil
yesterday as space, today as space
what i drag from one to another

a virtual space
dome of sleep
Virginia’s room
my palace


Middle child of the middle east

first word

where do i start ?

the tip of my pencil

a form of carbon turning into thoughts,

a piece of charcoal shrinking to its footsteps

mind doing what it does.

i pick up my pencils and draw

saffron red
cedar green
ultramarine blue
cloud grey

just colours and not just

i draw an apple

one step at the time , one movement at a time

my apple sits in the shade of the market hall

i ask loudly: does the sticker on the apples comfort you?

i have never been so muslim until i sat in front of a black fig

correction; white fig

enough said

the chromophobic

Riira Kalhor is a Helsinki based poet, She is best known for her poems “Three legged chair” and “Orange thief.” Living close to the arctic circle favors her interest in writing during the twilight period where she “finds her thoughts in a different light.” Riira herself being born from a poem holds poetry as sustenance for life.

Images by Genietta Varsi and sara blosseville. Many thanks to Taiteen edistämiskeskus (Taike) for supporting our feral series publication.